Just Lust.
September 16, 2014

"fuckbuddies" never work out. I hate this shit. I got so attached to diego over fucking great sex. I actually thought there was more to the sex. I thought we had a connection. The fact that he is well aware of my knowing who this Miriam bitch is, sucks major ass. It’s obvious that he wants to be with her and wants nothing to do with me *sigh*.

I’m so not gonna get attached to this new one. I don’t want to feel anything at all. He asks me to stay the night and I always decline. I want him to know that I don’t want anything to happen. I doubt he even has feelings but I don’t want to take the risk.

Why can’t I stay single and alone? I hate being alone.

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BLUE MOVIE (1978) directed by Alberto Cavallone

Leanin like a kickstand