Just Lust.

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Word , FOH ; Apple sits on a throne of lies
Just reactivated my old Facebook.

I knew he wouldn’t approve my new friend request so I had to do it the hard way.

FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. they’re so happy together. FUCK. MOTHER FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCK. I hate it.
Closure…That was all I needed. I won’t get it from him for sure so I’m taking this as MY closure. I’m done. It’s done. I’m no longer going to care. Fuck it. FUCK SHIT FUCK SHIT FUCKING SHIT. aghhhhh I hate him!!! I hate them. I’m such a hater. Fuck it. Goodbye.


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missin somebody a lot but not wanting to seem clingy



relatable quotes on your dash
Simp mode: activated.

I miss Diego!
That asshole. How can someone effect me so much? We only hung out in the summer but it feels like I’ve been with him for years. Shit man, he was the nicest guy I’ve ever met.

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accurate lmao